TV Color Tape® has arrived... How Do I Install It?

Click this "How To Install" link to see how easy it is to install your new TV Color Tape® on the frame tv bezel with just a quick 'peel & stick'.


1) Left side
2) Right side
3) Top
4) Bottom
***The top and bottom should overlap the side panels (for a neat look).

Please remember, there is an extra inch added to each end of your TV Color Tape... giving you room for error.  Neatly cut and fold the end before adding the next panel. 

The image below shows the beginning of your installation...

TV Color Tape® customizable vinyl wrap installation for sony lg samsung frame bezel 65 55 50 43 42 32

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the "How to install..." instruction manual.

Yes it can, as long as it is recycled with other PVC resin materials.

Our vinyl material lasts up to 7 years, and can be easily removed at anytime; Just peel it off.

We have partnered with 3M to provide a premium vinyl adhesive that will not leave any nasty residue on your tv frame once removed.

Given the customized nature of TV Color Tape's products, products (once peeled / used) cannot be returned or exchanged without express authorization from a TV Color Tape representative... in other words, leave us a message on the 'Contact Us' page and tell us what happened. 😎

Although, refunds can be provided for unused products that are damaged before delivery to you.

No, TV Color Tape® is NOT "regular tape". It is a special premium vinyl adhesive film created by 3M [makers of 'Post-It Notes'], the world's #1 specialized adhesive maker.

P.S. You are fooling yourself if you think you can go to Home Depot and buy any random colored tape as an alternative. 😎

Yes, TV Color Tape® fits all tvs that have a tv frame bezel. If your tv has no bezel, you cannot use TV Color Tape®.

TV Color Tape® is NOT to be applied directly to your tv screen / display. It should only be applied to the tv frame bezel.

No, we are not dropshippers! TV Color Tape® is a patent pending process provided by 3M®.

When you place an order, we print, cut, and ship directly from our hub in New Jersey, USA!

Do you have a popular YouTube channel, social media page, blog, or broadcast news channel? If so, send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page and leave us a link to some of your posts.

We're always looking for creatives to partner with to help grow this lovely TV Color Tape® brand!


When your order comes in, we cut it, pack it, and ship it!

USA: You can expect delivery in as little as 2 -5 business days.

WORLDWIDE: Most overseas orders should expect delivery within 7 - 10 business days.

Yes, we are constantly creating new colors and textures for your tv frame bezel. Check the website every week to see newly added items.

If you have used the squeegee or your credit card to push the air bubbles out during your installation but the air bubbles remain, there is a simple fix.

Get a threading needle and poke a few small holes into the air bubble(s). Now use the squeegee / credit card again to push the air out. The bubbles will leave immediately or remain for a week or two and then disappear.

If the bubbles are too big, you need to peel the TV Color Tape® off and reset it.

No... TV Color Tape® does not "light up/glow" or distract you while you are watching television. Think about it... your current black frame doesn't distract you, so why would any other frame color distract you? When you are watching tv, your eyes only focus on the tv program, not the tv frame. You'll be fine. 😎 📺

We absolutely offer custom logo / patterns for our creative customers.

Keep in mind, it will cost you a little bit more... might cost you big, might cost you small... but it will cost ya! 😁

Send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page to discuss.